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Rob Wilson’s journey from temp to founding a new team

Rob Wilson – Validation Engineering Team Leader


Rob Wilson – Validation Engineering Team Leader

It has taken a lot of time and hard work to get to where I am today. I started as a temp operator and since switching to a permanent role I have worked across various business units before finding a new home in Quality Engineering. After 5 years in the department, the opportunity came up to apply for the lead role in the newly created validation engineering department. With the knowledge and experiences that I had learnt from my progression through the business I was successful in being given the opportunity to have my own department.

“I would say my proudest achievement is the creation of the validation engineering team”

My team started off 6 months ago as just two people and since then we have already doubled in size. Every day I am still learning and growing professionally with the aim to support my team’s growth and give us the ability to make a difference to the overall business.

“My work has taken me to Germany, Switzerland Belgium, France and Ireland, to collaborate with teams across Consort Medical”

The variety in of work and the people at Consort medical makes this such a nice place to work. We have great people in the office and operational product streams. In my role I get to work cross‑functionally as validation support goes into pretty much every function so I get to work with most departments.

“If you are willing to work hard, build good relationships and promote yourself by doing a good job, you will achieve your goal!”

I always say that to be successful you need to understand where you want to go and to manage yourself appropriately. Respect and integrity are key Consort values as you need to respect people’s views and have that integrity to stick to those views and not change them. This is how I want my team to grow.

The future looks bright for our new department and I am looking forward to supporting the progression of my team of engineers through new training initiatives.