Consort Medical

Success is driven by teamwork, integrity and good coffee

Lisa Claxton – Logistics Lead


Lisa Claxton – Logistics Lead

I moved to Consort Medical as I wanted to work for a good company who could give me lots of scope and opportunities for progression and development. As the Logistics Lead, I work directly with two Material Leads on a day-to-day basis. My role is varied: one minute I am sorting space capacity and the next I’m problem solving in our production department.

“I have the freedom to tie into different departments and network within the business; opportunities are here, you just need to seek them out and go for them.”

The main challenge is that it is a very fast paced environment and things can change at any moment; to be able to keep control of all stakeholder demands can be a struggle. Although, I like the fact I get to liaise with various departments and meet lots of different people, it’s great to get to work with lots of areas within the business.

“The best bit about my role is 110% my team, they make my job easier as I have trust and confidence in them to get the job done.”

I love my team! We have a positive working relationship, including the cross-function collaboration with other leads. The people here are a great mix of individuals who come into work to make a difference.

The best bit about working at Consort – after my team – is the canteen! I live on coffee and compared to some previous places I have worked, the facilities here are really good, clean, dry and safe. It is clear that everyone working at Consort is highly valued making it a great place to come every day and realise your potential.

“It is so important to have trust; this builds your relationships and teamwork!”

The environment is very dynamic so it is important to be able to embrace change and run with the day-to-day pressure and speed. We are continually using employee experience and knowledge to improve; recognising sometimes we can be too complex. In such an environment, integrity and working as an open book are essential values to uphold.

I’m just 1.5 years into my 5-year plan and I know my future lies here at Consort. But precisely where in the company is still an exciting mystery!