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Seizing each opportunity led Jo Ward to continually develop

Jo Ward – Head of Environment, Health & Safety & Business Continuity


Jo Ward – Head of EHS &BC

After I completed my A Levels, I decided that my educational journey was over so I applied to come to Bespak as an Assembly Operator working on an exciting new project – an autoinjector.
Following a series of interviews and tests, the job was mine, and my journey had begun! Following my time in Assembly I joined the quality team as one of the first women working in the ‘mouldshop’.

“If you get an opportunity in life, take it and learn from it”

Opportunities to volunteer across different business activities soon followed, which in turn opened the door to becoming the function manager. When an opportunity to take on Environment, Health and Safety came up, I didn’t hesitate to go for this either. The rest you might say is history and now I head the function of EHS and also business continuity for Bespak.

“It’s the people that make the place”

My particular role also allows me to work with lots of people in all functions and areas across the business. I also like that, no matter what role I have fulfilled, there has been opportunity for me to try something new. Whilst I have worked hard for the opportunities that I have been awarded, the company has always supported my learning and development into each new role and this continues even as a manager and a functional lead.

I have only been in this role since July 2018 so have lots to learn and experience yet. My proudest achievement has been acquiring ISO13485 accreditation and seeing our accident rate go down. Making a tangible difference to the safety of my colleagues fills me with joy and hope.

“There is never a dull day here – each one brings something new to learn from”

Positivity, enthusiasm, resilience and a ‘can do’ approach to life are key skills for a successful career at Consort Medical. There are so many opportunities to be had for those who want them and are prepared to work hard for them. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith into the unknown to see what is beyond that point.