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Jemima combines college education with building her career

Jemima Clayton – Engineering Technical Support Apprentice


Jemima Clayton – Engineering Technical Support Apprentice

After a year of 6th form I realised that this path wasn’t right for me so I decided to apply for the engineering technical support apprenticeship at Consort Medical. I always wanted to do something in science as thought it was pretty cool; I liked the content but couldn’t relate the learning to the real world so I looked for an apprenticeship.

“There are challenges, but this is what makes it and keeps it interesting, and I am learning every day which is the best bit.”

I work on different projects on the Hyperion assembly line is well as the varied day-to-day activities such as, improvements, breakdowns and validation. When we bring in new kit, we specify what it should do and that it meets specification. There was a lot of validation of that assembly line so it has been a busy period.

“Be respectful, support the team be willing to help and learn”

Everyone in my team is a team-player and we’re always happy to help, people are down to earth and honest. Teamwork is important and we have quite a supportive environment. Throughout my apprenticeship I have been involved in a variety of activities and all the project teams work well together.

“My proudest achievement is winning the apprentice of the year award 2019”

I’m just starting to take on more responsibility of my own projects as my apprenticeship comes to an end. I hope to continue to develop my skills both at College and at work over the rest of my apprenticeship and begin my career as a Manufacturing Engineer at Consort. It is very rewarding to be responsible for expensive technology that is built from just an idea into a functioning part of the assembly line. Every day I am learning new things.