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Isabel Dintzsch – Chemielaborantin


Isabel Dintzsch – Chemielaborantin

After completing my apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory assistant and working in the physically-orientated field of magnetic thin film research, I decided it was time for a change in career path back to my passion, chemistry.

A former school colleague completed his training at Consort Medical and encouraged me to send an unsolicited application as he thought I would be a good fit. And he was right!

“I really appreciate how varied my day-to-day work is”

I started working in quality control for raw materials and bulk goods while also helping out here and there on new product projects. I was trained in many different areas, which was of course a great challenge for me, but also filled me with a lot of joy, because I like to pursue new activities.

For almost a year I worked in direct production where I was involved in the production of tablets and capsules and the associated in-process control. The challenge of my work lies in the fact that I must frequently rethink a lot of knowledge in a short time and quickly adapt to the situation.

“I am very proud to have acquired so much knowledge in such a short time”

I feel very comfortable in the company because I personally got good opportunities and still get to train and work flexibly. Of course, I am especially happy to have met my partner at work and to have made some very good friends.

I consider the working atmosphere to be very good and I think the employment benefits – such as massages and sports activities – is something not many other companies can offer.