Our corporate responsibilities

We’re committed to upholding the highest standards

As a Group, we recognise the impact our businesses can have on the environment, our customers, shareholders, colleagues, and society at large. Not only do we seek to uphold the highest standards of ethical and professional behaviour, we are tireless in our efforts to ensure our business is managed and developed in a responsible and sustainable way.

Our commitment is driven by the belief that significant benefits can be realised for all by pursuing a proactive and consistent corporate responsibility strategy that covers key impact areas like:

  • Health and Safety: Ensuring the safety and well-being of all.
  • Environment: Managing our environmental impact areas of waste, energy and water.
  • Employees: Helping our colleagues to develop and flourish within the business.
  • Ethical Standards: Operating to the highest ethical standards.
  • Community: Positively interacting with the communities in which we operate.

We will continue to ensure that these activities become embedded in how we operate and contribute towards the success of our business.

We hold regular meetings of our Corporate Responsibility Committee which is chaired by a non-executive director and attended by senior leaders from across the Group. The aim of the committee is to review our current performance and challenge the business in meeting future targets and objectives in each of our impact areas.

The charities that we support

We are committed to supporting the patient population we serve and the communities in which we operate. Our Charity Steering Group helps direct our support to make the biggest difference. This includes both local and national charities. We are currently supporting:

  • Grand East Anglia Run
  • Big C
  • Friends of Stroke Unit
  • Nelson’s Journey
  • East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices
  • Wisdom House
  • Maggie’s Centres
  • Kinder und Jugendhospiz Regenbogenland in Düsseldorf
  • Ambulanter Kinderhospizdienst Westsachsen